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Designed to perfection, the combined mind and body benefits will make this fashionable bracelet your best new friend.This 4-in-1 bracelet is a real masterpiece that combines surgical-grade stainless steel with a Titanium-brushed satin coating. The bracelet includes four different minerals that emit negative ions and powerful 3,000 Gauss neodymium magnets. The bracelet guaranteed to look fabulous and may increase your well-being.We cannot ensure that the bracelet will cure or magically improve your health, but we see remarkable results reported by our customers. About 90% of our customer report that they feel some improvement in their well-being.

Women's Rose Gold Swarovski Elements Plate

  • Negative Ions according to Japanese researchers are said to be beneficial for, improving blood circulation, high blood pressure, fatigue, arthritis, stiff neck, general calming and soothing, slow metabolism, insomnia, blood purification, the increase in concentration, helps to deal with depression and age prevention.

    Ion Effect products are your body's best defense against environmental damage. Our products are developed using the latest in scientific research into the benefits of negative ions. We use a unique manufacturing process that infuses pure, ion-rich volcanic ash into medical-grade silicone for protection that is stylish and safe to wear.



  • 30 days return policy. restocking fees may apply on bracelets that been in use.

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